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Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers

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Shelby Smith

Smith comes to us all the way from Dallas, Texas. Although she has been Dallas based all her life, she has traveled widely through Europe, part of Morocco, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and most of the U.S. Her first calling was teaching children and it led her to work with Native Americans on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. She has taught children that could speak no English. The children from both the affluent and the indigent all responded to Shelby's skill and dedication.


During that phase of her life, she cultivated an extraordinary ability to communicate effectively with all walks of life. In 1998, Shelby became aware that it was time to leave her teaching position. Instinctively she knew it was through story that she would be able to reach the greatest number of people. So she answered her second calling... as a storyteller.  Since that time she has been storytelling at a variety of venues. She was the

 resident storyteller at the Dallas Museum of Natural History and developed a program called Science Stories Naturally. She has told stories in a variety of venues in Texas: Mayfest in Fort Worth, Dallas International Festival, Dallas and Tarrant Area Tellabration, Texas Storytelling Festival in Denton as a “Rising Star”, and Main Street Days in Grapevine. In addition, her stories have reached countless people through schools, bookstores, and retirement homes in Texas.


Currently, Shelby still teaches children, but now it is in a full-size 28-foot tipi with the storytelling group Tipi Tellers!  To Shelby, stories are gifts that bring laughter, teaching and healing to the hearts of those willing to listen. She willingly shares her learning with adults and children not just in telling stories, but in the form of workshops and retreat with other Tipi Tellers.


She is now able to connect with a variety of people, young and old alike, while providing a wonderful place, the tipi, to listen to stories and teach about life.






Tipi Tellers is a member of the Texas Commission for the Arts Touring Roster 2003-05

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