History of T.A.G.S.




Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers (also known as TAGS) has participated in many various events around the metroplex.  We promote Tellabration each November with storytellers around the world that dedicate the day to the oral tradition.  Concerts are performed worldwide.  Also, there is our Stories Under the Stars Concert Series.  For the year 2001, we added Storytelling 101 classes to this program. 


TAGS has participated in functions at Mayfest, Celtic Heritage Festival, “Stand for the Children,” “April Fools Concerts,” Grapevine Main Street Days, campfire and Halloween activities at Tales by the Rails and the Pumpkin Patch.  There have been concerts to help benefit the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, not to mention benefit concerts to raise money for members in dire need.  Whether experienced storyteller or the novice, TAGS makes everyone feel welcome.


rrant Area Guild of Storytellers was formed in 1986 by a core group of people interested in preserving the art of storytelling and reintroducing it into today’s cultures.  Some of this core group of people are now internationally known and travel within the United States and around the world sharing those stories with new-found friends and comrades.  Tom McDermott and John Owhonda are two of our guild members that travel these circles.  There are now several members making storytelling their livelihood.